Terms of Service

This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as this Agreement) is the content based on the condition of using public information between R TECHNO CO.,LTD (hereinafter called as R TECHNO) and the Unit who uses this service (hereinafter called as Employer). The User needs to understand These terms clearly, then sign up based on the Agreement.


Definition of each term that is used in this Agreement will be stipulated through the content below:

For people who would like to “ Work in Japan” or Work in Japanese Company”. The Registration does not depend on nationality or occupation.
Without distinguishing the official or unofficial employee, the employer is the Japanese company or Japanese Enterprise who has demand to recruit a human resource regardless of the nationality.
c. CV:
Curriculum Vitae in English is the name of Resume. In Japan, it includes the Personal Resume and the Summary of work-experience.
This is an activation code to use the service. The Employer have to buy a Code card which is paid by the Employer’s Credit card. The Employer can see the Candidate’s personal information by using the correspondent number of credit. In addition, the usage of the number of credit can be different, depending on the CV, including opened personal information.
This service was created with the goal of finding human resources, introducing job and providing human supporting service. Most of the support options are taken to counsel accurately and suitably, aims to contribute to the Employer’s goal.


This Agreement will be applied related to the use of service between the Employers, Candidate and R TECHNO.


This service was established to create an environment for the Employers and Jobseekers; the using based on R TECHNO’s stipulated method. Based on R TECHNO’s approval, you will know whether the registration procedure is completed or not. However, the information after posting can be deleted without notice if the Jobseeker (also known as Candidate) and the Employer (also known as User) violate one of the below situations:

  1. (1) In the case of the Employer’s information contain the folders that have false or not true information.
  2. (2) In the case of R TECHNO realize that the information was filled in from those who violate the regulations above.
  3. (3) In the case of R TECHNO judge that the Employer’s information are not suitable with R TECHNO’s client Companies. At that time, for the Employer or Candidate, we do not have any obligation to announce or compensate any damages that may occur.


R TECHNO will open the services which are listed below:

(For the Candidate)
R TECHNO will provide job information-matching with selected items; give advice about job by e-mail, telephone or direct interview; provide the User’s information; provide recruitment conditions; working conditions; visa support; support to work and live in Japan; explain and translate the Japanese documents into others language in order to create the best advantage for who have the desire to change work.

(For the Employer)
R TECHNO will provide the solution to find, develop and recruit the human resources; support resident registration procedures; support interviewing; consult negotiation condition; support labor visa; support completion of the procedures working in Japan with creterion to help the Employer get the best benefit.


R TECHNO will provide ID and Password for the Candidate and Employer. The Candidate and Employer have responsibility to secure the account information, as well as do not disclose information with the Third Party. R TECHNO will not bear any responsibility if the personal account are used with bad purpose by another people. If the Employer want to confirm the correct log in ID and password, R TECHNO will confirm by sending notice.


(For the Candidate)
This service will be public again if the Candidate haS desire to post information permanently.

(For the Employer)
The cost services will be based on the principles defining the term of using credit. For the Support Option service, please contact us for inquiries on each specific case.

7. FEE

The registration of the Candidate is absolutely free, but for the Employer, it will be charged. The Employer have to consider the using services or various option services, then the Employer will pay corresponding fee for each service. The number of credit is used for recruiting services. In the case the credit are not used up but expire, it will not be saved or re-used next time.


Absolutely prohibit candidates and recruiters perform the following actions:

  1. Having violations of the law, public order and morality, or acts affecting international ethics, peace in the world and acts threaten the stability of society.
  2. The activities related to crime.
  3. Having destructive behaviours or impede the servers function and network of R TECHNO
  4. Having acts of using this service to reveal information with the Third Party.
  5. Having negative reviews affect the Third Party by the media such as e-mail, SNS; acts to interfere business or to violate the honor of the Third Party.
  6. Having acts to interfere the services of R TECHNO, or spreading false information that have negative impacts to R TECHNO.
  7. Having acts of forging another person's information (information of the Candidate or the Employer).
  8. Having the connection with R TECHNO services, the act of donating profits, directly or indirectly, against anti-social forces.
  9. Having the inappropriate behaviors with R TECHNO’s business.


Also having the case that R TECHNO will stop temporarily this service or change the information without prior notice to the Candidate and Employer. We do not assume the responsibility for damages or losses thereby occur. Moreover, in the necessary situation, R TECHNO will change the content of the regulations without prior notice to the Candidate or Employer.


In the following cases, R Techno may suspend one or all of the services that you are using or delete and remove the information that you posted before without prior notice. Also, if any damage occurs through the registration we will not bear any responsibilities. Server network according to the current service, in the case of performing the maintenance and updating, it will be carried out in the other computer system.

  1. The provision of information can not be carried out because of disaster.
  2. Due to network problems, computer problems or power cut.
  3. In the case R TECHNO judge that it is very hard to have a long-term co-operation with the company using this service.


In the following cases, R Techno has the right to restrict one or all of the information or delete the information of Candidate without prior notice. Moreover, if any damage occurs, R TECHNO will not bear any responsibilities

  1. In the case that some items are registered with false information.
  2. In the case that the information is not suitable with R TECHNO’s business.


R TECHNO absolutely execute the "Privacy Policy Personal Information" to manage, public and use the Candidate’s information.


R TECHNO will publish information for the Employer based on the accuracy without any correction. However, the information is entered from the Candidate, (including CV, personal information, or the desired conditions) Candidates should be based on the personal responsibility to offer, R TECHNO can not guarantee the accuracy of information. In addition, the parts are supported by automatic translation, or translated by R TECHNO’s employees, we also will not guarantee the absolute accuracy.


(For the Candidate)
By signing up information on this service, the Candidate can get many recruitment invitations from different companies or also expanded recruitments capabilities. However, We did'nt promise to have the job,as you want. Moreover, the disclosure of personal information of candidates (including personal information), R TECHNO will not have any responsibilities if your information is known by many companies, as well as having some inconvenience or unexpected things.

(For the Employer)
Our services create a great environment for the Employer and Candidate, but if there are any problems arising, we will not have obligation to solve. We do not guarantee for the selection and recruitment of each company also not have any responsibilities with unexpected damages.

  1. (1) We guarantee about the communication, interview, negotiation about the result, plan going to Japan, or similar problems.
  2. (2) We guarantee about getting labor Visa or other Visa form for Candidate through this service.
  3. (3) We guarantee about the recruitment, plan going to Japan and started working day of the Candidate.
  4. (4) We guarantee about the desire long-term working of the Candidate.
  5. (5) We will co-operate to solve the problems occurred after recruiting as well as prevent the problems arising.
  6. (6) We will secure the information for the users.

15. Public Information:

For the public information on the Employer, maybe disployed to the job advertisement in Vietnam and India in order to attract the Candidate. At that time, information on the website as well as Employer’s name will be public, but the name of the person in charge, as well as contact information will not be public. On the other hand, for those Candidates are gathered through these public recruitments, the information maybe also disclose with other Employers.


The employment conditions of the Candidate and Employer; and finding the job conditions of the Candidate must be verified that the information in the Service shall not be final and definitive by both Parties.


The information provided by the Candidate will be edited and processes by R TECHNO in order to help Candidate get closer to opppotunities. Also having the case that R TECHNO will use the information in advertisement such as DM, e-mail and magazines…


If there are not the Agreement in Writing of R TECHNO, The Candidate and Employer can not transfer rights and obligations to the Third Party.


If there is any dispute regarding this service, it will be judged by the Tokyo District Court.


This Agreement is adjusted and governed by Japanese law.