About This Site


■ What is CROSS POINT?

This is web-matching system which linked directly with jobseekers who are looking for recruitment positions, having a desire to “Work in Japan” or “Work in Japanese company”, especially Vietnamese and Indian Engineers. Until now, there is not any similar search system or recruitment system in Japan. This is the newest and the most special search tool.

■ What is the different point from other recruitment website?

The difference here is not about posting a job but “Looking for human resources”. The Employer can become more active in finding an employee suitable to the necessary conditions, confirm the resume and work-experience directly, and also can contact with the interested candidates through e-mail or telephone.

■ What is the meaning of using subcontractors or individual contract?

These two terms have different meanings. Human resources registered on our website have demand to search, apply, willing to work, and want to have a new job. Therefore, the application which is uploaded on our website not only includes PR content about themselves, but also present their work experience (maybe it also includes negative information). This form is called as CV (Curriculum Vitae). In the US, it is known as Resume or Career History.

■ What is the special feature?

This Website will become the focus on media such as the other technical jobs searching website. Especially, for those who are hard to find - the young engineers who have good experience (usually in the 20 to 30 years old). You do not need to wait for them to apply themselves, but also be able to find them by our Website, completely unlike the previous.

■ How to search the engineers?

There are a huge of technicians and engineers. In this website, you can use the function, search methods to find technical engineers, materials, or names of companies developing software, or use the different software to design-analysis. For foreigners, even if you just use the keywords like the opinion of the Japanese such as KAIZEN or POKAYOKE, you can also search a good CV.

■ Is it considered as a violation of law if the personal information become public?

We are based on the agreement of the Candidate, accompanied by the feedback mail of the Candidate. However, if the personal information of the Candidate has changed or they had new job, their information will be deleted.

■ Can we post job openings?

You can post them for free of charge.

■ Whether I can become an official staff or not?

Including the case of an official staff, employees under contract may be become an dispatch staff. Compared with the Japanese, foreign workers are not often decided to be an official staff. If you want to use indirect employment, such as dispatch, please consult about the license with dispatch companies. R Techno also have a license in this business, however we can not ask for sending one individual based on specific indicators.

■ How about our human resources?

We possesses a tremendous human resources with practical experience in the Japanese companies, or various foreign companies, graduated from the Technical majors of the top University in VIETNAM, and INDIA, has specialized professional and technical skills in the following areas: CAD / CAE / CAM design - analysis, meshing analysis - 3D modeling, NC programming, machining molds, production management, quality control as well as in the specialty manufacturing, and high industrial production.

■ Can foreigner engineers speak Japanese?

Our engineers can and can not speak Japanese. For the engineers can speak Japanese, they can explain specialize words and direction in work. From our experience (10 years in the field of offshore offices, with more than 500 Vietnamese and Indians engineers are working in Japan), studying Japanese ability and explaining specialize words ability is very different.

■ Whether a foreign engineer can study Japanese or not?

With each individual, learning Japanese is very different from what you imagined. Especially for those who come from the south of India, Japanese have a high similarity compared to Tamil language about the order, and the way to use particle (it can be said that Tamil language is the origin of Japanese language). The Indian use Tamil language so within 2 months of the visa process, they were able to learn and communicate normally.

■ How about English?

The number of Vietnamese using english language to communicate at the level of work is a little, but the Indians are quite good. Not only in supporting business activities in the domestic, but also in negotiations with the foreign country. Therefore, it is very convenient to hire Indian engineers. The works such as interpreting the content of the meeting on foreign channel or working in countries that use English as the official language will certainly enhance the value of the enterprise which gives the impression as an excellent engineer in both of technical and English communication more than just be an interpreter.

■ How about the expense?

The expense is based on the opened personal information. The search for CV, and reference basic information is absolutely free. However, to get in touch with the Candidate, it is required to open the Candidate’s personal information. It will not pay any extra cost if the recruitment is successful. Please refer the price list for details.

(Usual price)$1000$2000

Depending on the opened personal information, the number of credit to pay will vary. For example, it will cost 10 credits, 7 credits or 5 credits for one CV. We will decide how many credits based on the detail information is provided by the Candidate.

■ Is the Candidate’s contact information absolutely correct?

We do not guarantee that you can contact with the Candidate every time. Compared to the Japanese, they will not hesitate to get phone call from unknown numbers, but during business hours, or while on the road (usually is driving) they will not be able to answer the phone. In this case, we will send mail, clearly indicating the company name, website, job content, salary, and insurance policies ... based on the specific information, the Candidate will respond with the Employer.

■ So, which time is suitable to contact?

Deviation in time between Vietnam and Japan is 2 hours, between India and Japan is 3 hours and a half. Lunchtime in Japan is 12 am, in Vietnam is 10 am and in India is 8.30 am.

■ What should you do if you found a CV to recruit?

In principle issues like exploration, interviewing, negotiating, getting visa, buying a plane ticket to Japan, preparing residents, preparing equipment, health inspection, orientation work in Japan, and to help during working time - the Employer must carry out by themselves. However, if you have any difficult problems, we also have the additional support services, so please contact us by each specific case for advice.

■ Is it possible to recruit a candidate who match with the Employer’s desire?

We can not guarantee this problem. Our Website is just a place for the Employers looking for the Candidates. However, we do not have any liability related to the negotiations between the Candidate and Employer after the personal information are opened, including the case that the Candidate can not get VISA, or have oppose from family to work in Japan. However, in common, except China, such as Vietnam or India, they have high self-decision, children have less influenced or objections from the adults in the family; it is rarely opposable situation if having an opportunity to work in Japan.

■ After recruiting, can the Candidate work in India and Vietnam branch if they can not work in Japan?

This case is also capable , if the negotiation with the Candidate is OK, there is not any problems.

■For the foreigners have worked in Japan for three years, whether they will be required to return home or not?

This case is for the Candidate come to Japan under labor export area. But our company principle is that getting labor visa (or technical visa - to work officially in the Japanese company status) for the Candidate who has a detailed CV on our Website. With labor visa, it can renew many times and unlimited the number of years working in Japan (You absolutely can join social insurance in Japan).

■ Can Labor VISA be sure to obtain?

We do not guarantee 100%. Concerning the labor visa is based on the judgment of the Customs Department. In the case, it is quite normal if the visa is not allocated, and also not presented reasons (maybe the reason is that the documents are not enough or be considered carefully based on the information declared by the Candidate). Let study carefully the necessary documents in order to be approved in the first time. Preparing relevant documents with clearly and accurate content is very important.

■ Can we recruit dispatch Candidates through the Website?

R Techno Company have a business license in the field of introduction, dispatch engineer, and have practical experience of getting visa, introducing and dispatch 500 Vietnamese and Indian engineers working in Japan. However, we can not make a special document of dispatch engineer according to the request, just only introduce the similar human resources.

■ Can the other dispatch companies use this Website?

Yes, they can.

■ This current time, the Website just focus on Vietnamese and Indian engineers, so in the future, are there any plan to expand in other countries or other business fields?

Yes, we will have plans to increase diversity of Candidate’s data on the Website.

■ About posting information

We pay close attention in posting the information on this website, but we don’t ensure its utility, accuracy and safety (including not to issue any of error and so on, always run correctly for each function, providing information without mistakes, modify if problems arises, no computer virus and other detriments on this website and server and so on). User can use this service under their own responsibility.
So we never take any responsibility for any users’ damage or loss caused by users’ usage or utilization of these informations, or disable them. Then we may change , interrupt or abandon the posting information without notice.

Exchange packets of the introduction with the foreign candidates
Exploration of the situation
Negotiating conditions
Supporting Japanese to find Vietnamese and Indian Engineers30,000円(use all the amount of credit)
Organize the interviewBy SKYPE(by TV)30,000円(Maximum 5 candidates)
Direct(short visa + schedule of going to Japan)Real cost+30,000円(maximum 2 candidates)
Direct(go to Vietnam or India office)Real cost+60,000円(maximum 10 candidates)
Management of visaSearch the information, preparing necessary documents for a visaReal cost+30,000円/1 per
Management term visa, visa extensionReal cost+20,000円/1 per
Procedures invited to Japan (from Vietnam or India)Buy airline tickets, airport pickup, and drive to customer’s companyReal cost+40,000円
Prepare housing, and equipmentPrinciple (even a single person) 2DK, furniture and electronics setReal cost+50,000円
Health inspectionBefore working, it will have a health inspectionReal cost+30,000円
Support in work, and lifeCareer orientation, resident registration , open a bank account, every month, we will get the candidate’s opinions during working period (by Vietnamese and English) (In the first month)Real cost+50,000円/month
(after 2 months)
Real cost+20,000円/month

In the case that the Employers want to open an offshore office or hire dispatch employees.
Dispatch6 month-Contract term, throughout JapanPlease contact us
< about >
6 month-Contract term, throughout VietnamPlease contact us
< about >
6 month-Contract term, throughout IndiaPlease contact us
< about >
Offshore development projectOpen the office in Vietnam
Technical room×technical system×engineers
Leader can speak Japanese Please contact us
Please contact us
Please refer the detailed table here
Open the office in India
Technical room×technical system×engineers
Leader can speak Japanese and English Please contact us
Please contact us
Please refer the detailed table here

In the case that the Employers need to support about Technical problems, and software.
CADCATIA V5Premium Cad 3D software is used widely in automotive and aeronauticsPlease contact us
NXPremium Cad 3D software-support analysis, manufacture from design. It is used widely in automotive and consumer electronics.Please contact us
PTC Creo3D Cad equipped with high performance,and a range of flexible CAD functionsPlease contact us
CADmeister3D Cad used in manufacturing sector in JapanPlease contact us
SolidworksMechanical design 3d software, used to make the model based on the approach parameter to model and assemblyPlease contact us
Solid Edge3D Cad used to achieve the effect of all of the product development processPlease contact us
InventorCad 3D use to design machine; it also include the simpler LT versionPlease contact us
NCG-CAMProud of the fastest operation worldwide, is the fantastic CAM 3d about operability.Please contact us
MasterCAMThis is CAD/CAM- the most widely used worldwide, help programmers design virtual details on a computer screen, and support for CNC machine to process detailed designPlease contact us
HyperMILLThis is CAM software for 5 axis machining, is rated high quality in domestic and abroad.Please contact us
Cimatron ECAD/CAM with high functionality and process moldPlease contact us
Sofware to analyze element which used to in different industry.Please contact us
oldex 3D
Software use to analyse plastic flow.Using 3D models to make predictions before makingPlease contact us

In the case that the Employers need to support about Technical problems.
Machining center may Complex amenities
Fanuc OSrobodrill・best seller with axis # 30Please contact us
DMG Mori SeikiMachine -Lathe machine manufacturing, DMU Series (5 axis)Please contact us
Yamazaki MazakMachine. lathe machine manufacturing, representative model IntegrexPlease contact us
Okuma MachineMachine. lathe machine manufacturing, representative model IntegrexPlease contact us
OKKmachine, milling machine production, with the virtual machine as the main modelPlease contact us
Makino Phay Co., Ltd.Machining, milling manufacturer, V series is a classic in the mold industryPlease contact us
Matsuura Machinery CorporationManufacturing machines, Reputation for 5-axis of MX520Please contact us
AGMAAs a manufacturer of processing (Taiwan, the main customer of Techno R) lineup with high cost performance machine.Please contact us
GFmachining solutionManufacturing process (Switzerland)、MIKRON(5 axis)has the world's leading processing performancePlease contact us
3D printerStratasysObject series, can be selected to suit the application, such as FDMPlease contact us
Three-dimensional measuring deviceMitutoyo
The most-used are classic measuring machine in JapanPlease contact us
3D scannerATOS (GOM, Inc.)ATOS Core, will be used in the three-dimensional measurement and inspectionPlease contact us